Take Away The Pain and Worry

Pre Planning

Although difficult to think about, it makes sense to pre arrange funeral details
in advance. With a little forethought and pre planning you have the opportunity
to relieve some of the financial and emotional stress from those closest to you.
One of the benefits of pre planning is that it presents an opportunity to have an
open family discussion about your preferences. Everyone is then aware of your
wishes and knows where the important documents are kept. Some of the
components you can choose are: the type and style of funeral, special features
of the service, which cemetery or crematorium and how much you want to
spend.With our help, pre planning your funeral becomes a sensible and simple

Pre Paying Your Funeral

Your choices are documented in the pre paid funeral plan contract and it is
paid for at today’s prices. You may choose to make full payments in advance or
instalments to suit your budget.

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