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A funeral is an emotional family event.

That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced and reliable funeral director, who
understands the unique needs of your family.

Our caring and professionally trained staff will guide you through the many decisions and choices, to ensure your loved one’s funeral is a fitting reflection of their life.

Our Role
An important and traditional part of a funeral director’s role is to assist with the practical aspects of a funeral, such as care of the deceased, and coordinating when and where the funeral will be held.

These days, families are increasingly seeking guidance and advice on the celebratory aspects of a funeral, such as the style and content of the service, the choice of music, and other touches that reflect the life of the deceased.

We consider our staff to be funeral planners, in much the same way that a wedding planner coordinates and oversees all aspects of a wedding.

Our objective is to be your caring and trusted adviser, and to play a central, but unobtrusive role in planning what is often an important family event or celebration.

Immediate Steps
Death can occur in many different circumstances; at home, overseas, unexpectedly, or in a hospital or nursing home.

During our initial discussion with you, we will generally make arrangements to:

• Transfer the deceased into our care; and
• Agree on a suitable time/place for us to meet with you, to discuss the funeral arrangements.

Both of these things usually happen within the first 24 hours after death occurs.
Initial Arrangement Conference
Our initial face to face meeting with you is called the arrangement conference.

This conference can take place at your home, or in our conveniently located office.

During this meeting, one of our caring funeral consultants will assist you to decide on all of the many practical and celebratory aspects of the funeral.

A number of legal forms also need to be completed.

The arrangement conference is generally 1-2 hours in duration.

Examples of some of the decisions that need to be made include:

• When and where will the funeral be held?
• Will vehicles be required?
• Will there be a viewing?
• Will music be incorporated into the service?
• Will there be an Order of Service or Life Review presentation?
• Will the death and funeral be advertised in the newspaper?
• Will there be a gathering afterwards?

During the meeting, we record the decisions and choices made in a contract, and other documents, and leave you with a detailed estimate of the costs and disbursements associated with the funeral.

Our Funeral Consultant will also ask you to supply clothing that your loved one will be dressed in. If you are undecided as to which clothing will be used we can arrange for collection of these garments at another suitable time.

Your loved one, whilst in our care, will be treated with all the respect, privacy and dignity he or she would receive whilst living.

Information Required When arranging a Funeral

Necessary Information:
• Date and place of birth. If born overseas, year arrived in Australia
• Occupation during normal working life
• Details of marriage(s). Date, place, to whom
• Details of children. Names and date of birth
• Parents of the deceased including mother’s maiden name

Things to Consider:
• Clothing for the deceased to be dressed in
• Personal items to be placed in or on the coffin
• Music, readings, pallbearers
• Thank you cards, church booklets or DVD presentation
• Flowers and press notices

We spend every day in our funeral home, but acknowledge that you may initially feel uneasy when you first arrive.

From your first contact, you will be welcomed. Our funeral home is light and serene and our meeting will take place in the comfortable arrangement room where you will be offered refreshments.

We will take the time to listen to your reflections and memories of your loved one and what is most important to you about their funeral service.
Or we will attend your private residence.

Email: info@lightfootfunerals.com.au

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